War of the Daleks (Eighth book, 1997)

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War of the Daleks (Eighth book, 1997) Empty War of the Daleks (Eighth book, 1997)

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War of the Daleks

War of the Daleks (Eighth book, 1997) War_of10

For those of you who don't know, The Eighth Doctor, was only in official episode of the show. It was a failed attempt at a reboot by FOX, this one crazy awful movie. The pity is that Paul McGann was really good as The Doctor. His characters has been able to live on through these novels and the audio adventures. I haven't read this one but it has war....and the Daleks! So here's the synopsis I found online:

"The Doctor is repairing the Tardis systems once again when it is swept up by a garbage ship roving space, the Quetzel. When another ship takes the Quetzel by force, the Doctor discovwers that he and Sam are not the only unwitting travellers aboard - Davros awakens."

Davros is my favorite Classic villain so this could be really awesome.

This book is available on Amazon and any other place that sells used British sci-fi paperbacks.

What did you think of it? Was it a great use of Davros? What did you think of the Eighth Doctor? War, huh, what is it good far?


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