The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983)

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The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983) Empty The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983)

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:00 am

The Five Doctors

The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983) The_fi10

For the show's 20th anniversary they decided to do another multiple Doctor story. The Three Doctors back in 1973 brought back William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton to join Jon Pertwee in a great story that introduced an amazing villain. This story is really for fans of the show because they bring back a lot more cameos from other companions and villains, including the Daleks for a scene.

Sadly William Hartnell died years before this was made so he was replaced by another actor to play the First Doctor. It's not the same, but he does a fine job. Also Tom Baker didn't want to participate too much so he and Romana II really just have a cameo but it's still nice to see them. The rest is a blast as you get to see so much of the stuff you love with new Time Lord information and a brilliant last line.

This is available on a two-disc Special Edition DVD in a great number of places.

What did you think? Was it fun to see everyone interact with each other? How about that Dalek scene? Which Doctor was the best in this story? What were your favorite parts?


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The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983) Empty The Five Doctors

Post  michellemanzo on Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:23 pm

This was such a fun episode! I wish we could have seen more of the fourth doctor though. It was just sort of bizarre he wasn't there with the rest of them. It was really fun seeing them all interact together and the 5th Doctor realizing how much he's changed. I loved when the first doctor was like, "don't call me doc."

Overall a very fun episode though. I wish the daleks had a bigger role. I feel like we saw the Cybermen more than them and I've always found the Daleks to be the more superior villain. Nevertheless, the scene they were in was fun! Susan screamed. Then sprained her ankle AGAIN.

It was really enjoyable seeing all the Doctors together and many of the companions coming back. With a cameo by K9! I love K9. Despite only having seen him in like, two episodes.


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The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983) Empty Re: The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983)

Post  robbiemehling on Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:17 am

Once again, Susan proves how useless she is! I absolutely loved this story. One of the first classic serials I watched was The Three Doctors, but then I was still very new to the show and was kind of lost. It was really nice to see a multiple Doctor story and understand it. I love seeing how the Doctors interact with each other. One of the few things that could have made this better is of course more Tom Baker. I loved seeing more of the Time Lords and when Davidson just ran. I can't wait to watch more stuff with them. I liked the small Dalek scene, quite humorous.

This was one of my favorites.


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The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983) Empty Re: The Five Doctors (Multiple, 1983)

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