Journey's End (Tenth, 2008)

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Journey's End (Tenth, 2008) Empty Journey's End (Tenth, 2008)

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:23 pm

Journey's End

Journey's End (Tenth, 2008) Journe10

In the Season Four finale, the Daleks have stolen the Earth and The Doctor was shot down by one of them. What jerks! All of dearest friends are with him, but it will be enough to stop the man behind it all?

What did you think of this supersized episode? Did everything resolve nicely? How was the return of another great Classic villain? Did the emotional moments hit home? Would you let Jackie drive?

This episode is available on Amazon Prime, Netflix Instant and on DVD.


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Journey's End (Tenth, 2008) Empty Re: Journey's End (Tenth, 2008)

Post  robbiemehling on Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:05 pm

And Jackie appears.

If Daleks were frightening before, an Empire is terrifying. Their level of organization is something to behold. And they're kind enough to speak the native language of wherever they are. The interaction between the Doctor and Davros is fun. A Dalek seeing all of time is intersting and the fact it drove him crazy speaks volumes on the fortitude of the Time Lords. Davros is crazy.

I love Rose. I liked seeing she had no idea she made Jack immortal. And I don't like Martha. I have always found her annoying and the fact that she''d even consider doing something like that is astounding. Yet it seems like very few of his companions take away much from him. The things they suggest in this episode are things he'd never ever consider doing. Thank goodness for the Doctor-Donna.

And reality bombs, holy shit.


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Journey's End (Tenth, 2008) Empty Journey's End

Post  michellemanzo on Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:47 pm

Only in Doctor Who is there a weapon called "the reality bomb." Leave it to the Daleks to want to destroy the universe itself.

Things got a little crazy in this episode. The whole Doctor-Donna thing was a little bit bizarre. I mean, it still doesn't make sense. And frankly, Donna's end with the Doctor is very sad to me. I was saying to Austin I never really gave Donna her due. I always liked Rose and Martha the best, but every time I watch her on the show she grows on me a little more. If anyone deserved to remember their time with the Doctor, it was Donna.

But, I digress.

Yet again, we find that question of..."Do I have the right to wipe out an entire species, no matter what they're capable of?" Obviously the human version of the Doctor did it here and the 10th Doctor challenges us to consider whether or not it's right. Always so intriguing. This episode really does force the Doctor to take a good look at himself.

In this we also get to see the last surviving member of the Cult of Skaro again and of course, Davros! I love that he recognizes Sarah-Jane from all those years ago. It looks like we see the end of him here, but Davros seems to have a knack for escaping death. If he shows up in Asylum, that would be super-awesome.

All the companions towing the Earth back home in the TARDIS along with the Doctor is absolutely one of my favorite scenes in the series. It's a really lovely and fantastic moment. Always makes me tear up.

Also, it makes me so glad to see Rose get closure. I always wish there were like an episode or two where we can see them together in the alternate universe. Alas. I'll just use my imagination.


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Journey's End (Tenth, 2008) Empty Explain!

Post  LFeavel on Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:50 am

Explain! Explain!! EXPLAIN!!

This episode had me from the very first moment. All of the little (and big!) closures that were written in are amazing. Like the Daleks, I was stunned to suddenly hear three brilliant people jabbering about circuits and loops and insane stuff and wanted everything explained. Which happened, of course. Rose getting her man at the end made me so happy, but Donna going back to who she was before the Doctor was awful. I almost cried during the dialogue between the Doctor and Donna's grandfather. Donna became so much while she was traveling with the Doctor, and now she had no idea that she could even be someone else besides a slightly ditzy "temp".

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Season 4 was the continued escalation of expertly written emotions performed by stellar actors. There are plenty of great episodes where the Doctor gets to be brilliant and the companion shows off. But when the series started getting to the story behind the story, the person behind the face, I really loved it.

Now off to the David Tennant specials and beyond. Smile


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Journey's End (Tenth, 2008) Empty Re: Journey's End (Tenth, 2008)

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